Signal Hill Winery


SIGNAL HILL WINES produce a range of outstanding world class wines, including 5 stars wines rated by Platters' wine guide.
SIGNAL HILL WINES is holding the record for the second highest rated wine ever in the USA, with 96/100 for the Eszencia 2002.
SIGNAL HILL winery is as well producing the only wines produced from Cape Town city grapes.
SIGNAL HILL is not a négociant having its wines made by third parties, our wines are made by Laurence and JV, both trained winemakers

For our fans from all around the world, you will find on this site a list of stockists in your country. Alternatively contact us, and we will do our best to supply you with our unique wines.  Wines made with a difference!

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As well we stock imported patés from France!

Our 1771 Heritage, received 4 stars in the new edition of Platter's wine guide. It is available at the winery, in very limited quantities....


LAST MINUTE: SIGNAL HILL has been selected to showcase one of our famous cuvée during the 40th Nederburg Auction. Our Cabernet Sauvignon 2000 Antica, will be sold at the Auction 2014.

For the activities dates, such as bottling, harvesting or barrel racking, please follow this page. Clos d'Oranje 2014 has finished malolactic fermentation, so racking should be over the next days!


SIGNAL HILL WINERY is open to the public, Monday to Friday, from 11:00 to 18:00, and Saturday from 11:00 to 15:00 in Summer, for a lunch, a wine tasting or a glass of wine with us. We offer imported French paté, simple and delicioous, at prices starting at R50. Join us for this unique experience, on Heritage Square, 100 Shortmarket Street, in the heart of Cape Town.
We serve the food from acclaimed Chef's Warehouse and HQ on our table.

You can always contact us by telephone on

+27(0)21 424 5820

In the middle of the Cape Town CBD, the only urban winery in South Africa... We receive grapes in the middle of the city, crush and press them, ferment their juice into wine, barrel age it and bottle onsite. All our winemaking steps are open to the public, and wine lovers can actually join the harvest, the pressing or the bottling.  

This is why we are a winery, not just a tasting room!  

However Signal Hill winery is a very traditional winery, making wine only a few hundred meters from where the first grapes where ever pressed in South Africa, on 2nd of February 1659... We are history and we prepare the future of the South African wine industry! 

SIGNAL HILL WINERY is famous worldwide for its range of experimental wines, and for pioneering unusual varietals, new styles or the revival of lost jewels... Check the list of our wines and feel free to explore our philosophy: Vive la Difference